See more ideas about Geocaching, Geocaching containers, Geocashing. Dangerous or illegal items, weapons, food and drugs are not allowed and are specifically against the rules of most geocache listing sites. There are multiple ways to assign values to characters, the default assignment is A=1, B=2, C=3, ..., Z=26. [116], Additionally, Opencaching sites allow users to rate and report on existing geocaches. Groundspeak created a waymarking website to handle all other non-physical caches. c:geo. Newer GPS devices released by Garmin, DeLorme and Magellan have the ability to read GPX files directly, thus eliminating the need for a PDA. With a worldwide membership and a freemium business model, the website claims millions of caches and members in over 200 countries. This is a marked NY DEC trail that connects to the Taconic Crest Trail at the summit. As well as concerns about littering and bomb threats, some geocachers hide their caches in inappropriate locations, such as electrical boxes, that may encourage risky behaviour, especially amongst children. Not all Wherigo cartridges incorporate geocaches into game play. The geocache and most of its contents were eventually destroyed by a lawn mower; the can of beans was the only item salvaged and was turned into a trackable item called the "Original Can of Beans". A Wherigo cache is a multi-stage cache hunt that uses a Wherigo "cartridge" to guide the player to find a physical cache sometime during cartridge play, usually at the end. [30] The official player is only available for Pocket PC. The following cache types don't contain a physical logbook. One woman was found dead in the river a few hours later. When the final option is checked, additionally the word values of all words will be counted separately (separated by a space or a new line). Three adult geocachers, a 24-year-old woman and her parents, were trapped in a cave and rescued by firefighters in Rochester, New York, United States, while searching for an ammo can in 2012. The Wherigo Foundation[31] was organized in December 2012. [127] Navicache is under transition to new owners, who said they "plan to develop a site that geocachers want, with rules that geocachers think are suitable. These event caches were held to commemorate Geocaching’s 10th anniversary.. ALR – Additional Logging Requirement. Players are often encouraged to take pictures at the dashpoints and upload them to the site. Considered a variant of the Mystery cache on [22][23], Moving/travelling caches are found at a listed set of coordinates. Regional rules for placement of caches have become quite complex. The objective is to visit as many dashpoints as possible. They are listed at The Chirp stores hints, multicache coordinates, counts visitors and confirms the cache is nearby. geo – Ziemia, ang. A letterbox has a rubber stamp and a logbook instead of tradable items. Visit to see just how many geocaches are nearby and to learn how to start finding them. A typical cache is a small waterproof container containing a logbook and sometimes a pen or pencil. Geocaches vary in size, difficulty, and location. Others cannot and should not dictate how you play this game. [20] The term plays off the fact that those not familiar with geocaching are called muggles, a word borrowed from the Harry Potter series of books which was rising in popularity at the same time geocaching started.[17]. GPS Devices; Packs & Gear; TOTT - Tools Of The Trade; Pencils & Pens; Flashlights; Lanyards; Hide-a-Cache. Seekers can search for and download caches in their immediate vicinity directly to the application and use the on-board GPS receiver to find the cache. It is increasingly attracting members who like the point system. Although they felt they were safe and were able to return to land, they were considered to be in danger and were airlifted back to the shore. Geocaching Guides, Starter Kits, Geocaching Gear, Must Have Items, Packs, Slings & Flashlights [37] Attendees of event caches can log that they 'attended', which will increment their number of found caches. This multi-stage cache is located adjacent to a historic house in Marietta, GA that is now a museum. This can be used as a quick check in the field, if it has been revealed in the cache listing. There are millions of geocaches worldwide and probably even some near you right now. Mattison Hollow Trail is a nice 2.7 mile trail that leads up to the Taconic Crest Trail. [59][60][61][62] This app includes similar features to the official Geocaching mobile application, such as: View caches on a live map (Google Maps or OpenStreet Maps), navigation using a compass, map, or other applications, logging finds online and offline, etc. Cachers have been approached by police and questioned when they were seen as acting suspiciously. Geocaching from space is a combination of flight to near space, the geocaching game, and a unique science experiment. Typical cache "treasures", also known in the geocaching world as swag,[17] are not high in monetary value but may hold personal value to the finder. [42][43], Unlike geocaching, nothing is to be left at the dashpoints; the sole objective is to visit them within the time limit.[44][45]. Geocaching software can assign special icons or search (filter) for caches based on certain criteria (e.g. The BIT Cache also contains a URL and a password, for logging purposes. Geocache Containers. [92], Several deaths have occurred while geocaching. In many countries there are regional geocaching sites, but these mostly only compile lists of caches in the area from the three main sites. Features include the ability to organize one's favourite caches, build custom searches, be instantly notified of new caches in one's area, seek and create caches of all types, export GPX queries, statpics, etc. They are listed exclusively on near schools, children's playgrounds, banks, courthouses, or in residential neighborhoods), or where the container placement could be mistaken for a drug stash or a bomb (especially in urban settings, under bridges,[86] near banks, courthouses, or embassies). Followers 1. There are some exceptions though, e.g. As of 2012[update], Teague had logged only 5 caches. Different geocaching websites list different variations per their own policies. For example, in Virginia,[88] the Virginia Department of Transportation and the Wildlife Management Agency now forbids the placement of geocaches on all land controlled by those agencies. [57], Additionally "c:geo - opensource"[58] is a free opensource full function application for Android phones that is very popular. [116][117], The main difference between opencaching and traditional listing sites is that all services are open to the users at no cost. The bill was referred to committee on first reading in the Senate and has been there ever since. Discover (and save!) The game is quite similar to geocaching but has time limitations and hints. Geocaching is a treasure hunting game where you use a GPS to hide and seek containers with other participants in the activity. [11], The activity was originally referred to as the GPS stash hunt or gpsstashing. Ultimately it is also up to cache finders to use discretion when attempting to search for a cache, and report any problems. [22] Wherigo is a GPS location-aware software platform initially released in January 2008. [22], Webcam caches are virtual caches whose coordinates have a public webcam. [72][75][76][77][78] Diverse locations, from rural cemeteries to Disneyland, have been locked down as a result of such scares.[79][80]. As a result, geocachers are strongly advised to label their geocaches where possible, so that they are not mistaken for a harmful object if discovered by non-geocachers.[76][87]. The following cache types are supported by both and unless stated otherwise. "[126], seeks to provide high-quality caches made so by the difficulty of the hide or from the quality of the location. Puzzle caches are a great alternative to traditional geocache. ", "This is what the suspicious package found in Derby really was", "Geocache player broke all the rules of Internet treasure hunt", "Bomb scare closes main entrance to UCSC", "Detonated 'bomb' turns out to be box of toys", "One person's game is another's bomb scare", "Suspicious object found on Glendale power pole determined to be safe", "Suspected pipe bomb ends up being geocache tube", "Geocaching Game Triggers Disneyland Lockdown", "Does Geocaching Violate Leave No Trace? embraces virtual caches alongside traditional or multi-stage caches and includes many locationless caches among the thousands of caches in its database. Look for a regular hidden container. After signing the log, the cache must be placed back exactly where the person found it. All submissions are reviewed and approved. [3] Geocaching shares many aspects with benchmarking, trigpointing, orienteering, treasure-hunting, letterboxing, waymarking and Munzee. These "events" have their own cache type on and include many non-geocachers. I am working on a geocaching project and I would like to make a list of geocaching acronyms and their meanings. Simple caches that are placed near a roadside are often called "drive-bys", "park 'n grabs" (PNGs), or "cache and dash". [126] While many of the website's listings have been posted to other sites, it also offers unique listings. Hi there, I was hoping that someone could … There are multiple ways to assign values to characters, the default assignment … [73], Schools have also been evacuated when a cache has been seen by teachers or police, such as the case of Fairview High School in Boulder, Colorado in 2009. Shirts; Jackets and Hoodies; Gifts. Rochester Fire Department spokesman Lt. Ted Kuppinger said, "It's difficult because you're invested in it you want to find something like that so people will probably try to push themselves more than they should but you need to be prudent about what you're capable of doing. The terrain is 1.5 and difficulty is 3 (out of 5). [74] A number of caches have been destroyed by bomb squads. [8][9] Another geocache and plaque called the Original Stash Tribute Plaque[8] now sit at the site. Cartridges are coded in Lua. Le Géocaching est une chasse au trésor, pour laquelle vous devez être équipés d'un GPS (smartphone ou GPS de randonnée) et être inscrits sur le site Geocaching is een buitensport en spel waarbij gebruik wordt gemaakt van een gps-ontvanger of telefoon met deze functie om ergens ter wereld een zogenoemde cache te vinden. Countries with associated opencaching websites include the United States at;[110] Germany at;[111][112] Sweden at; Poland at;[113] Czech Republic at;[114][115] The Netherlands at; Romania at; the United Kingdom at TerraCaching strongly discourages caches that are listed on other sites (so-called double-listing). [91], In April 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the township of Highlands East, Ontario, Canada temporarily banned geocaching, over concerns that geocache containers cannot be properly disinfected between finds. Geocaching Gift Ideas; Gift Certificates; Clearance. [22] New webcam caches are no longer allowed by Groundspeak,[35] but they remain supported by The applications also calculates the digital root of the solution. Free membership allows users access to coordinates, descriptions, and logs for some caches; for a fee, users are allowed additional search tools, the ability to download large amounts of cache information onto their gps at once, instant email notifications about new caches, and access to premium-member-only caches. The other exception is for event caches; for an event to qualify, it must be specifically or mainly for geocachers, and must have a minimum duration dependent upon its category (CITO, regular, Mega, or Giga). It's located in New York, United States. Their goal is to provide a consistent Wherigo experience across platforms, connect Wherigo applications via an API, and add modern features to the Wherigo platform. [23], Finally, a USB Cache or Dead Drop cache location has a USB drive embedded into walls or other structures. The caches and seeds then fell to earth for people to find. The apps also allow for a trial version with limited functionality. This allows users to see what other cachers think of the cache and it encourages participants to place higher quality caches. $19.99. in the former Soviet Union, the site remains popular because it accepts listings in the Cyrillic script. Nano Cache; Micro Cache; Larger Cache; Devious Cache; Ready to Hide Cache Kits; Geocache Labels; Rite in the Rain® Logbooks; First To Find; Night Caching; Make / Maintain Caches; Trackables. The Wherigo site[29] offers a builder application and a database of adventures free for download, though the builder has remained in its Alpha version since its last release in May 2008. A value is assigned to each character and those values are summed and sometimes summed again to end up with only one digit, the latter is sometime called the row sum method or digital root. [128], Extremcaching is a German private database for alternative geocaches with a focus on T5 / climbing caches, night caches and lost place caches. Larger containers such as plastic storage containers (Tupperware or similar) or ammunition boxes can also contain items for trading, such as toys or trinkets, usually of more sentimental worth than financial. [19] Cachers who initially place a Travel Bug or Geocoins often assign specific goals for their trackable items. Historic buildings and structures have also been damaged by geocachers, who have wrongly believed the geocache to be placed within, or on the roof of, the buildings. your own Pins on Pinterest Over time many variations of geocaches have developed. Different platforms often have their own rules on which types are allowed or how they are classified. English Log in Sign up Sign up Join the world's largest treasure hunt. It's a Regular size geocache, with difficulty of 4.5, terrain of 2.5. and OX are both backed by large enterprises, and while that means they have more funding and people, we’re a much smaller team – so our advantage is the ability to be dynamic and listen to the users. Vidéos éducatives pour apprendre le Géocaching. Many of them also accept unique listings of caches for their site, but these listings tend to be less popular than the international sites, although occasionally the regional sites may have more caches than the international sites. [13], An independent accounting of the early history documents several controversial actions taken by Irish and Grounded, Inc., a predecessor to Groundspeak, to increase "commercialization and monopolistic control over the hobby". Geocaching is only a game to be played the way you want to play it. Geocaching Books; Find-a-Cache. The service closed on 14 August 2015.[110][117][118][119][120][121][122]. Container sizes range from "nanos", particularly magnetic nanos, which can be smaller than the tip of a finger and have only enough room to store the log sheet, to 20-liter (5 gallon) buckets or even larger containers, such as entire trucks. If you have suggestions to add to the Glossary of Geocaching Related Terms, please contact us.. Glossary of Geocaching Related Terms. This challenge IS AT THE GIVEN COORDINATES. [41][81] Events and caches are often organized revolving around this practice, with many areas seeing significant cleanup that would otherwise not take place, or would instead require federal, state or local funds to accomplish. The geocacher signs the log with their established code name and dates it, in order to prove that they found the cache. The Opencaching Network is less restrictive than many sites, and does not charge for the use of the sites, the service being community driven. EVENT CACHE: A grandfathered Geocache type. [36] Earthcaches are one of the two exceptions to the no-container rule; they are caches in which players must answer geological questions to complete the cache. General Geocaching Discussions ; Getting Started ; Digital Root Of Word Sign in to follow this . A variety of geocaching applications are available for geocache data management, file-type translation, and personalization. By dreamketcher, October 14, 2005 in Getting Started. In many cases, however, the cache description and hint are never read by the seeker before hunting the cache. Caches which do not fit into other categories are classified as mystery caches. The Opencaching Network lists the most types of caches, including traditional, virtual, moving, multi, quiz, webcam, BIT, guest book, USB, event and MP3. Some (or all) listings may or may not be required to be reviewed by community volunteers before being published and although cross-listing is permitted, it is discouraged. Groundspeak allows extraterrestrial caches, e.g. Geocaching is legal in every country except North Korea (where GPS and all other mobile devices are illegal to possess)[83] and is usually positively received when explained to law enforcement officials. Visit to see just how many geocaches are nearby and to get the free Official Geocaching app. Geocaching /ˈdʒiːoʊˌkæʃɪŋ/ is an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called "geocaches" or "caches", at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world.[2]. The site promotes mobile applications, and lists over two dozen applications (both mobile and browser/desktop based) that are using their proprietary but royalty-free public API. [93][94][95][96], The death of a 21-year-old experienced cacher, in December 2011, "while attempting a Groundspeak cache that does not look all that dangerous," led to discussions of whether changes should be made, and whether cache owners or Groundspeak could be held liable. Safety and Survival Gear; Hats & Gloves; Bags & Packs; Kids; Pet Gear; Vehicle Gear; Hiking Gear; Clothing. Mar 9, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Rachel H.. A more controversial version of paperless caching involves mass-downloading only the coordinates and cache names (or waypoint IDs) for hundreds of caches into older receivers. Examples of goals are to be placed in a certain cache a long distance from home, or to travel to a certain country, or to travel faster and farther than other hitchhikers in a race. Caches were approved by a community process and coordinates were available without an account. The finder is often required to capture their image from the webcam for verification of the find. Some cities, towns and recreation areas allow geocaches with few or no restrictions, but others require compliance with lengthy permitting procedures. - Backpacker", "Advice to Geocache Hiders from Law Enforcement", "Geocaching craze leaves York residents underwhelmed", "Police Search For Gamer Who Hung Geocache From Railroad Overpass", Groundspeak's Wiki for Virginia's land management policies, 2005–2006 Bill 3777: Geocache, geocaching, and letterboxing, "High–tech scavenger hunt Geocachers invade hallowed ground", "Public beaches, geocaching and mineral collection sites closed", Valley man geocaching in Dishman Hills before fatal fall, Man dies in cliff fall at Dishman Hills Natural Area, The Body of a Missing Hiker Only Found Because of His Dog Barking Until Help Came, "TERMS OF USE AGREEMENT 2A. When you find it, write your name and date in the logbook. Digital Root Of Word. Letterboxers carry their own stamp with them, to stamp the letterbox's log book and inversely stamp their personal log book with the letterbox stamp. Geocachers are also encouraged to clean up after themselves by retrieving old containers once a cache has been removed from play. On August 24, 2017, Groundspeak announced "Virtual Rewards", allowing 4000 new virtual caches to be placed during the following year. The reception from authorities and the general public outside geocache participants has been mixed. Although generally disallowed, hiders could place caches on private property without adequate permission (intentionally or otherwise), which encourages cache finders to trespass. In recent years, Android and iPhone users have been able to download apps such as GeoBeagle[51] that allow them to use their 3G and GPS-enabled devices to actively search for and download new caches.[52][53]. [22] New virtual caches are no longer allowed by Groundspeak,[35] but they remain supported by other sites. A built-in player is available on Garmin Colorado and Oregon GPS models. Geocaching was originally similar to the 160-year-old game letterboxing, which uses clues and references to landmarks embedded in stories. However, as cache reviewers typically cannot see exactly where and how every particular cache is hidden, problematic hides can slip through. If you take something from the container, leave something in exchange. Examples include finding a number of caches that meet a category, completing a number of cache finds within a period of time, or finding a cache for every calendar day. A BIT cache is a laminated card with a QR code, similar to Munzee. If a geocache has been vandalized or stolen, it is said to have been "muggled". An example would be to direct the finder to a plaque where the digits of a date on the plaque correspond to coordinates of the final cache. Groundspeak have since updated their Terms of Use Agreement which specifies that geocachers find geocaches at their own risk.[97]. Within three days, the cache had been found twice, first by Mike Teague. Completing an adventure can require reaching different locations and solving puzzles. Aug 23, 2014 - Explore Michael Meadows's board "Geocaching", followed by 424 people on Pinterest. [66][67] Generally accepted rules are to not endanger others, to minimize the impact on nature, to respect private property, and to avoid public alarm. [22], Geodashing is an outdoor sport in which teams of players use GPS receivers to find and visit randomly selected "dashpoints" (also called "waypoints") around the world and report what they find. is an online community dedicated to all kinds of games involving Global Positioning System receivers. 10 YEARS! Higher-value items are occasionally included in geocaches as a reward for the First to Find (called "FTF"), or in locations which are harder to reach. I don't have authorization to share details, but if you think about the communication channels at a company having 75 "headquarters employees" and 400 "field workers", you could probably put together a list that would be pretty accurate. [17] Disposable cameras are popular as they allow for anyone who found the cache to take a picture which can be developed and uploaded to a Geocaching web site listed below. Add to Cart. Although not required, many geocachers decide to leave behind signature items, such as personal Geocoins, pins, or craft items, to mark their presence at the cache location. In 2008, two lost hikers on Mount Hood, Oregon, United States, after spending the night in a snow cave, stumbled across a geocache and were able to phone this information out to rescuers,[98] resulting in their timely rescue. [81][82] Some geocachers act to mitigate this perception by picking up litter while they search for geocaches, a practice referred to in the community as "Cache In Trash Out". This site is translated in different European languages, has an extended FAQ and extra supporting tools for TerraCaching. Smaller containers are more common in urban areas because they can be more easily hidden. Other geocachers obtain the coordinates from that listing site and seek out the cache using their handheld GPS receivers. While Groundspeak is aware of this project, the company has yet to take a position. They are listed exclusively at[23]. Currently, the Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone mobile platforms have applications in their respective stores. [23][33][34], Virtual caches are coordinates for a location, which has some other described object. Validation for finding a virtual cache generally requires one to email the cache hider with information such as a date or a name on a plaque, or to post a picture of oneself at the site with GPS receiver in hand. Additional international sites include, a German website, and Geocaching Australia, which accepts listings of cache types deprecated by, cache types such as TrigPoint and Moveable caches, as well as traditional geocache types. The first website to list geocaches was announced by Mike Teague on May 8, 2000. [56] Developers at c:geo have criticised Groundspeak for being incompatible with open-source development. Numerous websites list geocaches around the world. Some mystery caches provide a puzzle that must be solved to determine the physical cache location. Various applications are able to directly upload and read GPX files without further conversion. When you find it, write your name and date in the logbook. The finding geocachers record their exploits in the logbook and online, but then must return the cache to the same coordinates so that other geocachers may find it. Le géocaching (ou geocaching) est un loisir qui consiste à utiliser la technique du système de positionnement par satellites (GPS, GLONASS…) pour rechercher ou dissimuler un contenant (appelé « cache » ou « géocache ») dans divers endroits à travers le monde.

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