– the new weapon was destroying the strongpoints, – Attack on Eliane 2 – the French would have to leave North Vietnam – later, also a small Liliane 3, April 9-10, 1954: The Vietnam War started in the 1950s, according to most historians, though the conflict in Southeast Asia had its roots in the French colonial period of the 1800s. – between them, about 350 Legion artillerymen (3 coys) – a fresh, reserve unit – Eliane 1 + Eliane 2 (Eliane 4 wasn’t affected eventually) – 5e BPVN was sent to help to defend Gabrielle – Dominique 1 + Dominique 2 + Eliane 1 + Eliane 2 + Mont Fictif – on their way to the edge of the valley, they met enemy units – launched at the same time as the Battle of Five Hills More Majorum (German legionnaires in Indochina) The Battle of Dien Bien Phu is seen as the decisive battle of the First Indochina War between French troops and the Viet Minh (League for the Independence of Vietnam), a nationalist, pro-Soviet Union movement of Ho Chi Minh.This major confrontation occurred at Dien Bien Phu, a large heart-shaped valley located in northwestern part of Vietnam, near the border with Laos. – also two BMEP companies (some 150 men together) – the northernmost defensive position of Dien Bien Phu – second, the ground assault should follow – the Francoise defensive position was abolished, April 1-2, 1954: – that day, BMEP was established – BMEP legionnaires (led by Captain Luciani) got involved in Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Dien Bien Phu, Vietnam on Tripadvisor: See 889 traveler reviews and photos of Dien Bien Phu tourist attractions. – they were facing hundreds of Viet Minhs – the evacuation was caused by the loss of Huguette 1 – composed of all artillery units (including 1re CEPML) Dien Bien Phu was a major battle of the first Indochina war in which the French fought against the Viet Minh communists. – over 70 legionnaires were wounded, February 19, 1954: – two 1er BEP companies + two 8e BPC companies took part in – shortly afterwards, at 03.00 PM (15:00) of May 7, the Moroccans surrendered – the two strongpoints would resist only an hour Unfortunately, Rolf Rodel didn’t live to see it. – Attack on Huguette 6 – accompanied by persistent heavy shelling – its two less outlying former strongpoints (3 + 4) were renamed – it also confirms that even the Viet Minh had their limits – the company was placed at Eliane 2 How Dien Bien Phu Led to America’s War in Vietnam IN THE TRENCHES In 1953, a hard fought battle between French and Vietnamese forces finished off … – aimed at Eliane 4, the last French hill – Lieutenant De Stabenrath + Captain Brandon (ex-1er BEP) – conducted by two regiments, aimed at Huguette 6 – later that night, it would be reinforced by 8e BPC paratroopers The main purposes were to cut off Viet Minh supply lines into Laos, a former member of French Indochina and an ally of France, and to successfully defeat the enemy. – the Viet Minh got a chance to recover and to be prepared, – then, two 2e BEP companies attacked Huguette 1 from Opéra – the Anne-Marie defensive position was abolished – ex-Anne-Marie 3 strongpoint – Viet Minh artillery began with shelling Communist Viet Minh soldiers raise their flag over the French fortress of Dien Bien Phu. – in December 1946, the Viet Minh attacked Hanoi, Vietnam – at noon, the Viet Minh started to use Katyusha – just promoted Lt Colonel Bigeard (6e BPC) called off the assault – he and his men would fight yet another five hours – the 13e DBLE company saw big troubles to reach the strogpoint – they were stopped by an intense machine-gun fire – 1er BEP, 1re CEPML and 8e BPC, January 12, 1954: – also to clear the sector of the Viet Minh elements – the fierce battle took all the night – the battle lasted 107 hours without interruption – Major Coutant and his 13e DBLE legionnaires withdrew This page is updated regularly. artillery) It included two crucial battles, fought eighteen days apart, and was a decisive victory for the Continental Army and a crucial turning point in the Revolutionary ...read more, The Battle of Stalingrad was a brutal military campaign between Russian forces and those of Nazi Germany and the Axis powers during World War II. Rolf Rodel returned to Vietnam two years later, in 1994. Dien Bien Phu & the Fall of French Indochina, 1954. – 2nd Battalion, 1er RCP https://www.history.com/topics/france/battle-of-dien-bien-phu. Some of his commanders, fearing U.S. air intervention, began to speak of withdrawal. – sometimes, attempts to use theoretical numbers (ca. – led by Lieutenant Bergot and placed between Eliane 2 and Eliane 4 – a ceasefire was arranged – two French companies were sent to support the strongpoint Search by Map. – Opéra was created Directed by Pierre Schoendoerffer. – they were the last reinforcement dropped into the valley – another Foreign Legion unit landed at Dien Bien Phu – heavy clashes with the Viet Minh – at 11.00 PM (23:00), the radio went silent – built by French paratroopers to reinforce Eliane 1 – however, the Viet Minh had already cut off the road – using trucks equipped with machine guns during military operations, – a 3e RTA battalion (Algerian infantrymen) – used for attacking Laos – led by Major Liesenfelt – about 50 men were wounded, including Captain Picard – the Viet Minh stopped their assaults – over 20,000 Viet Minh troops are estimated to be lost – held by legionnaires from the 2nd Company, 2e REI (Captain Schmitz) – this action ended the battles of the three Huguettes – some 100 1er BEP legionnaires supported the two French companies – held by legionnaires from 1st Battalion, 13e DBLE + Moroccans (4e RTM) – at around 03.00 AM (03:00), May 7, the strongpoint was overrun – commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Langlais – nevertheless, the defenders wouldn’t survive the second assault – Claudine 5 was seized by the Viet Minh, – Attack on Eliane 4 + Eliane 10 – April 21, only 50 legionnaires remained to defend Huguette 1 We have reviews of the best places to see in Dien Bien Phu. – at midnight, a counter-attack by two 6e BPC companies – scared by a possible Viet Minh attack, they refused to fight – paratroopers became the leading element of the French garrison – 2e BEP jumped over Dien Bien Phu – the easternmost French defensive position, built on two hills – the Viet Minh was surprised and withdrew, – April 5, in the early morning, a new Viet Minh attack – a large valley in northwestern Vietnam – in 1946, first Foreign Legion units landed in Indochina In 1954, it was 9 years ago that WWII had come to an end, and the Korean conflict had just ended in 1953. – less than 40 paratroopers survived the massive explosion 1863 Battle of Camerone 380000. – the position was reinforced by a third company from 1er RCP – during their return, many of them were killed or wounded too, – Huguette 1 was attacked by a Viet Minh regiment A conference of interested powers at Geneva that year ended the war by establishing what was intended as a temporary division of Vietnam into independent northern and southern states. – the prisoners spent several months in the Viet Minh POW camps – Final Assault Fall: Hell in a Very Small Place – The Siege of Dien Bien Phu. – at the time of ceasefire, several defensive positions were still being held: – Claudine wikipedia.org, More from the history of the Foreign Legion: It took another year until French officials considered to cover his expenses and to take care of the new Memorial. – consisting of 1er BEP and 2e BEP survivors – supported by another 1er BEP company, led by Lieutenant Fournier – held by an Algerian battalion – 1er BEP legionnaires + a French airborne battalion were involved in – last reinforcements – at 05.30 AM (05:30) in the morning, the Viet Minh suspended their actions – he assumed personal responsibility and committed suicide – at the time, he was a platoon leader with the 2nd Company, 2e REP, May 3-4, 1954: – Ho Chi Minh led the Viet Minh (League for the Independence of Vietnam) – over 100 Viet Minh rebels were killed, November 23 – December 15, 1953: – another two companies tried to attack – May 6, the entire camp was shelled – in the early morning, Beatrice was lost – Huguette 5 managed to fight off the attacks – Lieutenant Colonel Jules Gaucher was badly wounded – Clashes near Isabelle – 3,5 miles (6 km) north of their defensive position – a new reinforcement – in the evening, the Viet Minh launched an assault – resisting since the Battle of Five Hills in late March Again, the Chinese, in search of a spectacular victory to carry to the Geneva talks scheduled for the summer, intervened to stiffen Viet Minh resolve: reinforcements were brought in, as were Katyusha multitube rocket launchers, while Chinese military engineers retrained the Viet Minh in siege tactics. – the incident occurred when commanding his men by radio – including the not-evacuated wounded men – including 12 men killed + 68 wounded, May 2, 1954: – the defenders faced two Viet Minh battalions – they faced an entire Viet Minh regiment Him Lam. 1932 Turenne Rail Accident – on the road to Isabelle, a fierce battle with the Viet Minh – according to both, French and Viet Minh sources Dien Bien Phu (Điện Biên Phủ) is a small town in northwestern Vietnam.. – the rest of them were killed or imprisoned (just as Ltn Clerget) – a new strongpoint of the Eliane defensive position The French strong-points at Dien Bien Phu in northwest Vietnam are falling again. – the 2e CREBLE platoon would leave Dien Bien Phu in mid-January 1954, – 2nd Platoon, 5e CMRLE, led by Lieutenant Jourdonneau – Operation Regates – Battle of Huguette 7 – Construction of defensive positions – composed of two defensive positions – located close to the border with Laos – Mont Fictif (Phoney Hill) was bordering Eliane 2, – the strongpoints of Dominique were occupied by an Algerian battalion – numerous Viet Minh transit & supply roads crossed the region – Béatrice + Claudine + Dominique + Eliane + Huguette – the remote region served as the rear base for the movement – within May 8-9, two thirds of the groups would be killed or imprisoned – Eliane 1 + Eliane 2 managed to fight off the attack, however, – Battle of Huguette 5 – accompanied by two companies of the 1er BEP 30 The 1950's. – a fierce battle between legionnaires and the Viet Minh took place 1978 Battle of Kolwezi – in other words, two French battalions were attacked by two Viet Minh divisions, – Lt Colonel Charles Piroth committed suicide – it was lost on March 30, during the Battle of Five Hills – Major Pégot was killed (battalion commander) – Eliane 3 + Eliane 11 + Eliane 12 were seized by the Viet Minh, – the loss of the defensive position Eliane ended the battle, – Ceasefire

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